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My water looks clear and doesn’t smell bad, how do I know if it is safe?

The only true way to determine if a water supply is safe is to have a water analysis done by a professional laboratory or by your local Health Department. Water often may look, taste, and smell perfectly fine but can possibly harbor by products that are unsafe to consume. Water testing can range from a simple “general potability” test to much more extensive chemical testing. With our extensive knowledge of the problems in the local area, we would be happy to guide you in determining your testing needs.

What is causing the red/brown staining to occur on my shower walls and in my toilets?

Iron occurs naturally in the groundwater here on Dallas with certain areas having much higher concentrations than others. Iron, while being a problem aesthetically, is not considered to be harmful. Iron in the water will not only stain fixtures, tile, clothing, sidewalks, etc…..but will actually reduce the use able life of household appliances and will restrict the flow of water through the pipes.

Our home is served by public water and is generally pretty good but we just can’t live with the chlorine taste and odor, is there anything we can do to remedy that?

Absolutely. We carry systems of all sizes to filter the chlorine taste and odor from the water. Whether we do it on the main line of the house, or at individual faucets in the home, we have the solutions for you.

We had our water tested and everything seems to be fine but I want to give my family the highest purity water possible, is there a system for us?

Of course. To get the highest purity water on a residential basis we recommend a reverse osmosis water filtration system. Such a system would provide ultra purified water to single taps in the home and to residential icemakers. Not only are they very affordable, they offer a high degree of protection from contaminants that may enter the water supply. We also offer numerous designer faucets to compliment nearly every finish made today.

Our plumber says he has a great, cheap solution so do we really need a specialized company like VA Water LLC?

Water treatment over the years has become a very specific field with years of knowledge and practical experience required to solve most dangerous water problems effectively. Undersizing or, worse yet, installing the wrong equipment would result in the contaminant still being left in the water. Water filtration and treatment has been our only business since 1985. We don’t install toilets, put in new wells, fix your leaky faucets, deliver your fuel oil, or clean your swimming pool. We filter your water. You wouldn’t have your plumber or handyman fix your car so why let him try to fix your water problem?