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Water, the compound we need every day and couldn’t survive without. It may sound simple, but water is a very complicated subject which a lot of people are unaware of. There are many categories of water that’s incorporated into our daily lives. Consuming good amounts of water helps us in many ways. Water supports us in eliminating toxins from our body. Water keeps us hydrated, which is highly needed for our health. Water plays a very important role in various bodily processes as well. Apart from our physical needs, we use water for many other purposes as cleaning dishes, clothes, and much more. But do we really know about the water? Well, most of you may know that there are two major types of water, which are Soft water and Hard water. But, do you know the difference between them? Let’s have a look at these two types of water.

Hard Water

Have you ever experienced the situation where it takes high amounts of soap to remove dirt particles from your skin? Well, it’s because the water you’ve been cleaning with is Hard water. The water that contains a good amount of minerals can easily be classified as Hard water. The hard water contains two major types of minerals, which are Magnesium and Calcium. Usually, when the water flows through the rocks of Magnesium and Calcium, it gets hardened by absorbing these minerals. Normally, these rocks are very soft in nature, which causes for them to be easily absorbed by the water. Hard water is not harmful in any way for our consumption. Actually, it has the potential to be a supplement for the Calcium and Magnesium. Hard water plays a very important role in reducing the solubility of toxic ions. For washing activities, hard water isn’t a very good option because it leaves a film on dishes while washing them. It’s not a very good type of water for cleaning your skin as well.

Soft Water

The water that contains higher levels of sodium and minute content of Calcium and Magnesium is labeled as the Soft water. Unlike the hard water, the Soft water actually travels through hard rocks like granite. This phenomenon results in the water observing only a little content of the minerals. Generally, this water doesn’t provide any benefits for our consumption. But, the soft water is great for cleaning washing purposes. Especially, it’s very good for our skin and doesn’t leave any film while washing. Soft water also has the ability to eject elements like lead out of the old pipes. The water that falls as rain is completely soft. Washing your clothes and dishes with soft water is the most effective way.

Benefits of Soft Water

Hard water can be a real pain when it comes to homely chores such as dishwashing. It’s not only limited to dishes but also our clothes. To be precise, hard water is a bad agent of cleaning for clothes, dishes, and skin. The taste of the hard water is very bad as well. On the other hand, soft water is very good at cleaning and washing. It does the job perfectly without leaving any film. In addition to that, soft water has a wide range of benefits. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of working with a water treatment solution company to get rid of your hard water:

Perfect Condition of Glassware and Silverware:

Hard water dries up your dishes and glasses due to the presence of high-level magnesium and calcium. This phenomenon causes ugly white marks on your dishes. On the other hand, soft water which is extremely low in mineral content, helps you get a shiny and streak-free cleaning of your dishes and cutlery.

Soft, Healthy Hair and Skin:

Did you ever face that situation where your hair and skin become very dry and rough? Well, the hard water is the culprit there. Washing your skin and hair with the soft water helps you to avoid such scenarios. With hard water, the problem is that the mineral in it gets settled on your skin and hair while washing. Since the soft water doesn’t have any minerals, the skins gets shinier and softer when washed with the soft water. You don’t have to use any fancy soaps and shampoos to achieve that. Just make sure you’re using soft water for washing purposes.

No Soap Scum:

Don’t we all hate the soap scum that forms on your bathroom and kitchen equipment? Well, blame the hard water for that. If you’re seriously thinking of getting rid of that soap scum, soft water is the way to go. By doing this, your equipment gets less exposed to the corrosive minerals, which in turn helps you cut down the housework costs.

Cleaning Your Home Efficiently:

If you prefer using natural products such as laundering agents, chemical-free detergents, and natural household cleaners, try using them with soft water. Because these type of products are much more effective when mixed with the soft water.

Smooth Garments:

Fabrics and clothes are much softer and smoother without the mineral contents that are usually present in hard water. Soft water keeps the cloths away from the discoloration that’s generally caused by hard water. Additionally, soft water is also responsible for the long-lasting fabrics.

Cut Down Heating Costs:

A water heater which is guarded by the whole house water softening device helps in reducing the cost of energy by about 25%. By now, you must be thinking that you immediately need to start using soft water. Well, it has a lot of benefits that are hard to resist. So, for your soft water needs, you must use a Water softener which you can get installed in your home.

What is a Water softener?

In simple terms, a water softener can be explained as a unique type of filter that eliminates minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium from the hard water. Water softer works with the help of plastic beads. The water softener regularly undergoes a self-cleaning mechanism called ‘regeneration’.

Types of Water Softeners

There are basically two categories of Water softeners, which are Salt-based water softener and Salt-free water softener. Salt-based water softener usually provide you with a slick feeling in the shower and you can see that it creates more soap bubbles. Additionally, your clothes get bright in color with the salt-based water softeners. Along with this, you can also notice decreased level build-up on your showers which results in a softer skin. Salt-free water softeners too help in a decrease of scale build-up and present bright clothes. They also help you get a softer skin with the usage of a healthier method. The important advantage of salt-free water softening systems is the capability of softening the water without attaching sodium to the water. This system is more of an environmentally friendly procedure. It’s a very good system for heart’s health as well. Usually, salt-based water softeners add salt to the water in the process of softening. This can sometimes have a negative effect on people that suffer from high blood pressure and any heart-related diseases. On the other hand, salt-free water softening systems are free of maintenance by not using any type of waste water, electricity, and no chemicals or salt. When compared to the salt-based systems, these salt-free water softening systems are extensively low when it comes to maintenance because their media usually last up to as long as 5 years without any replacement. The water softener which is salt-based requires the salt replacement on a regular basis. The water softener, which is salt-based in nature is great heavy duty water softening systems. Although they have a few maintenance and health issues for you, they’re majorly recommended for the homes that have a problem of extensively high hardness levels. A salt-less water softener is good for your health, regardless of what age group you are. If you don’t want to deal with the water that’s integrated with chemicals, sodium, or any other type of elements, a salt-less water softener is the way to go.

Benefits of Using a Water Softener

There are several benefits that you can get by using a water softener. Your health can get better by consuming soft water which you can get from the water filter system. Additionally, a lot of home chores can get a lot better by using the soft water. Here are a few advantages of using a water softener:

Better and Easier Cleaning:

Do you hate stains and streak on your clothes and dishes? Well, it’s due to the hard water you’re using for the cleaning and washing purposes. Try to switch to the soft water and witness the magic. Suddenly, you will notice that there won’t be any more stains on your dishes and clothes. It’s like magic, just like that! Soft water leads to a less degree usage of soaps and detergents. If you clean your sink, shower, and bath equipment with the soft water, they last much longer. Opting for the water softener system can help you by leaps and bounds in this aspect.

Fast Water Heating:

Don’t you want your water heated quickly? Well, then soft water is the way to go for your water heating. According to several studies, a water softener can enhance your water heater by around 25%. This way, you can get your water heated much faster in a highly effective way.

Shiny Skin:

If you hate to see hard and rough skin, you must ditch the hard water immediately. Soft water is a proven agent of moisturizing your skin and hair as well. If you don’t like using artificial moisturizers but rather go with natural methods, then using water softener is the best bet for you. It works in a much more efficient way for the children, whose skin is more sensitive than an adult’s.

Save Money and Time with VA Water LLC

Don’t we all love to save some of our precious time and money? Well, a water softener can help you a lot in doing that. Your bathroom and kitchen equipment can last much longer when you use a water softener in your home. If you want your home to run at a more efficient level, get in touch with VA Water, LLC. Our professional team will help rid your house of hard water and provide any other water services that you may need.