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Whole House Water Purification Filters are the latest additions to homes, which are being used to further purify the water that you drink. Whole Home Water Filters are far superior to the normal, subpar water filters that are installed above your sink. The filters that are preinstalled at your house do not have the capability to filter out bacteria and other harmful chemicals the way that whole home water filters can. These water filters are so popular because of their effectiveness, and because of the high quality of water that they produce. They are adept at filtering out hard water, if your water filter has the provision of an RO system, ensuring that you are supplied with water that is free from minerals that damage your skin and hair. They filter out salt and mineral deposits from your water much more effectively than a normal sink filter does. This ensures that you get the best water quality at all times. Add to this their longevity of life, and you are guaranteed a reliable home water purification system. Whole Home Water Filters work for your entire house. They are well fitted with the filter system that you have preinstalled at home, and work in tandem to further purify the water that you receive, in addition to the purification that is already taking place. This, altogether, ensures that you get you get the best quality water possible in your house. Whole home water filters use a wide range of technological innovations to effectively filter and purify the water that you use. Pollutant, bacteria, and harmful chemicals are removed from the water by various processes, including absorption, ion exchange, micron- filtration, oxidation, and catalytic conversions. These different varieties of filtration systems and their versatile models allow them to treat mostly every pollutant that enters your house via your water, from man-made to natural pollutants, depending on the kind of whole home water filter that you install. Water filters for the whole home work in a very sophisticated manner. However, they all have a singular system of work; they trap the pollutants within themselves, and remove them by applying various processes, including backwashing, regular cleaning cycles, or cartridge placements. Furthermore, there are whole home water filters that also address the issue of the microbial concerns that you may have. UV lamps are used to sterilise and purify water by directly attacking the DNA of the microbial contaminants, which the filters would not be able to otherwise purify. The UV rays effectively destroy bacteria, viruses, and cysts. Below, we will see a few ways by which installing a whole home water filter will be beneficial for your house. The job of a water purifier is to clean water from the pipes and the plumbing appliances from your entire house. With a standard water purifier, which is usually not up to the modern standards of cleanliness and purification, pipes and plumbing appliances are not cleaned and purified up to the mark. This causes unclean water, which is resplendent with pollutants and contaminants, to enter your house through the pipes, and thus, these pollutants can also enter your body. With a whole home water filter, the pipes and plumbing appliances are cleaned thoroughly, and then some more. Depending you the type of whole home water filter you purchase, you could also tackle the microbial organisms and the bacteria right the core, and thus you will ensure that the water that you use every day, for a variety of purposes, from drinking, to cooking, to washing clothes and washing ourselves, is clean, pure, hygienic, and treated with absolute perfection.

Treat Odours that are Emitted from Your Sink

A whole home water filter will also stop your water from smelling. This may not seem like a very important aspect, but there have been various complaints and reports from different parts of the state about water smelling like sulphur or iron. This happens mainly because of chemical reactions with sulphur containing minerals in the rocks near the water, which the standard water purifier was not able to treat. Sulphur is not particularly harmful for humans, as most people do not drink the water more than a few times because the smell and taste of the water is too much to handle. Likewise, with iron, water tends to get a metallic taste that you cannot drink more than a few times. Sometimes, the level of iron in your water will reach such an extent, that your water will turn rust red in colour when your open the sink, and then the water will become clear again. Or if the level of iron is way too high, the red colour will not go that easily. This happens because the iron content in the water is so much that the pipes and plumbing appliances of your house have become corroded with rust, and the rust is now getting loose and is coming out with the water. Oftentimes, you would also notice that the water pressure has become quite low.

Whole Home Water Filters Work Wonders for the Environment

Using a whole home water filter is especially good for the environment, as it lessens the use of bottled water and reduces the use of plastic bottles. According to recent reports, the average American drinks up to 20 ounces of water daily- that is about 2.5 cups. Furthermore, Americans primarily rely on the tap water from their sinks for their water- water that is purified from their standard water filtration systems, which come pre-installed with their homes. The standard water filtration systems are not equipped to remove all the major pollutants, which in turn lead to a less than desirable taste. In order to get better tasting water, the only option available is to purchase drinking water, which is always available in plastic bottles. When you purchase a plastic bottle, they always end up in a landfill, or in the ocean, and do not break down easily over time, thus leading to an increase in waste. Purchasing a whole home water filter helps to reduce the amount of plastic bottles that ultimately end up in landfills, even if it is to a minor extent. Additionally, it is no secret that plastic bottles contain the harmful chemical BPA, which can transfer into the water that you drink, leading to health complications over a long period of time Thus, by switching over to whole home water filters, you are not only saving the environment, but you are also protecting your health.

Save Your Plumbing Appliances

Installing a whole home water filter is often seen as a one-time investment which can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle in the long run. Standard water does not filter every contaminant that passes through it, leaving you with pollutants that you did not ask for. Furthermore, these pollutants are passing through your pipes and plumbing appliances every day. It causes your plumbing to begin degrading over time, and additionally it causes your appliances such as your dishwasher, laundry machine, humidifier, and water heater to work twice as hard, as the water is hard, and working with hard water or water that has contaminants in it means that the machinery has to work twice as hard to achieve its desired goal, hence making it wear out faster. In the time to come, it will actually cost you so much more to replace all your pipes and plumbing appliances, than it would have cost you to install the whole home water filter in the first place. With a whole home water filter, pipes are cleansed and purified all around your house, ensuring that no matter what sink you use to utilise the water, you will always be using the best water for all your needs.

Save Your Skin and Hair

In the city water supply, harmful and chemicals such as chlorine are added in the water to remove the major pollutants that may be contaminating the water. However, the chlorine is not removed from the water after this treatment, and the water that reaches your home still has the chlorine in it. Technically, our skin is water proof. However, harmful chemicals from the water can easily soak through our skin. Exposure to chlorine is not good for the body in general, be it your skin or nails. The harmful effects of chlorine start showing up on your skin and hair from a very short time. Short term exposure to chlorine results simply in irritable and cracked skin. Results on the hair include brittleness, dry hair, and an itchy scalp. Over time, it begins to lead up to unmanageable hair, and rapid hair loss. Long term exposure to chlorine water can cause cancer and other life threatening ailments. Short term exposure usually affects blondes the most, as exposure to chlorine is known to turn blonde hair green. A whole home water filter can help you save your most precious, irreplaceable gem- your body and your hair.

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